Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0647 (William P. Ford et al.)

$^2$H$(e,e'p)$ observables using a Regge model parameterization of final
state interactions

William P. Ford, Sabine Jeschonnek, J. W. Van Orden
In previous papers we have presented a calculation describing electrodisintegration of the deuteron at GeV energies. The model is fully relativistic and incorporates full spin dependence of the final state interactions (FSI), which were obtained from the SAID analysis. It was, however, limited kinematically due to lack of availability of the SAID amplitudes. This work rectifies this problem by implementing a Regge model to describe the FSI. We present an outline of the model and show comparisons between the two approaches in a region of overlap. We see good agreement between the models, and note observables which can provide additional insight due to model sensitivity.
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