Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5295 (Rachid Nouicer et al.)

Recent Results from PHENIX Experiment at RHIC: Exploring the QCD Medium    [PDF]

Rachid Nouicer, for the PHENIX Collaboration

1210.5315 (Yadav Pandit)

Beam Energy Dependence of First and Higher Order Flow Harmonics from the
STAR Experiment at RHIC

Yadav Pandit

1210.5382 (Long Jun Wang et al.)

Tensor effects on gap evolution of N=40 from non-relativistic and
relativistic mean-field theory

Long Jun Wang, Jian Min Dong, Wen Hui Long

1210.5425 (Rachid Nouicer et al.)

Heavy Flavor Physics in PHENIX    [PDF]

Rachid Nouicer, for the PHENIX Collaboration

1210.5436 (N. Shah et al.)

Femtoscopy of identified particles at STAR    [PDF]

N. Shah, for the STAR Collaboration

1210.5469 (Yutaka Utsuno et al.)

Shape transitions in exotic Si and S isotopes and tensor-force-driven
Jahn-Teller effect

Yutaka Utsuno, Takaharu Otsuka, B. Alex Brown, Michio Honma, Takahiro Mizusaki, Noritaka Shimizu

1210.5482 (CMS Collaboration)

Observation of long-range near-side angular correlations in proton-lead
collisions at the LHC

CMS Collaboration

1210.5498 (Gang Wang et al.)

Search for Chiral Magnetic Effects in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions    [PDF]

Gang Wang, for the STAR collaboration

1210.5501 (Josef Pradler et al.)

On an unverified nuclear decay and its role in the DAMA experiment    [PDF]

Josef Pradler, Balraj Singh, Itay Yavin