Monday, August 6, 2012

1111.4472 (Constantin Loizides et al.)

Remarks on the possible importance of jet v_3 and multiple jet
production for the interpretation of recent jet quenching measurements at the

Constantin Loizides, Joern Putschke

1208.0603 (Y. Hori et al.)

Collective flow effects on charge balance correlations and local
parity-violation observables in $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=2.76$ TeV Pb+Pb collisions at
the LHC

Y. Hori, T. Gunji, H. Hamagaki, S. Schlichting

1208.0714 (B. Guo et al.)

New determination of the 13C(a, n)16O reaction rate and its influence on
the s-process nucleosynthesis in AGB stars

B. Guo, Z. H. Li, M. Lugaro, J. Buntain, D. Y. Pang, Y. J. Li, J. Su, S. Q. Yan, X. X. Bai, Y. S. Chen, Q. W. Fan, S. J. Jin, A. I. Karakas, E. T. Li, Z. C. Li, G. Lian, J. C. Liu, X. Liu, J. R. Shi, N. C. Shu, B. X. Wang, Y. B. Wang, S. Zeng, W. P. Liu

1208.0748 (Miha Mihovilovic)

Measurement of double polarized asymmetries in quasi-elastic processes
${}^3\vec{He}(\vec{e},e' d)$ and ${}^3\vec{He}(\vec{e},e' p)$

Miha Mihovilovic

1208.0751 (Hongxi Xing et al.)

Parton energy loss in cold nuclei    [PDF]

Hongxi Xing, Yun Guo, Enke Wang, Xin-Nian Wang