Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1208.1181 (Deepa Thomas et al.)

Azimuthal angular correlations between heavy-flavour decay electrons and
charged hadrons in pp collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 2.76$ TeV in ALICE

Deepa Thomas, for the ALICE Collaboration

1211.2148 (Xiao-Gang Wu et al.)

Understanding the property of $η(1405/1475)$ in the $J/ψ$
radiative decay

Xiao-Gang Wu, Jia-Jun Wu, Qiang Zhao, Bing-Song Zou

1211.2256 (G. G. Barnafoldi et al.)

Predictions for p+Pb at 5.02A TeV to test initial state nuclear
shadowing at the Large Hadron Collider

G. G. Barnafoldi, J. Barrette, M. Gyulassy, P. Levai, M. Petrovici, V. Topor Pop

1211.2480 (T. Furumoto et al.)

Channel coupling effect and important role of imaginary part of coupling
potential for high-energy heavy-ion scatterings

T. Furumoto, Y. Sakuragi

1211.2578 (Roberta Arnaldi et al.)

J/Psi and Psi(2S) production in Pb-Pb collisions with the ALICE Muon
Spectrometer at the LHC

Roberta Arnaldi, for the ALICE Collaboration

1211.2644 (Ping-Han Chu et al.)

Laboratory Search for Spin-dependent Short-range Force from
Axion-Like-Particles using Optically Polarized 3He gas

Ping-Han Chu, Alec Dennis, ChangBo Fu, Haiyan Gao, Rakshya Khatiwada, Georgios Laskaris, Ke Li, Erick Smith, William Michael Snow, Haiyang Yan, Wangzhi Zheng

1211.2657 (José Guilherme Milhano)

Theoretical overview of jet quenching    [PDF]

José Guilherme Milhano

1211.2677 (F. Garibaldi et al.)

p-Shell Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at JLab's Hall A and Future Prospects    [PDF]

F. Garibaldi, P. Bydzovsky, E. Cisbani, F. Cusanno, R. De Leo, S. Frullani, D. W. Highinbotham, M. Iodice, J. J. LeRose, P. Markowitz, G. M. Urciuoli, for the Hall A Collaboration