Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0320 (Dong-Peng Li et al.)

Further investigation of the relativistic symmetry by similarity
renormalization group

Dong-Peng Li, Shou-Wan Chen, Jian-You Guo
Following a recent rapid communications[Phys.Rev.C85,021302(R) (2012)], we present more details on the investigation of the relativistic symmetry by use of the similarity renormalization group. By comparing the contributions of the different components in the diagonal Dirac Hamiltonian to the pseudospin splitting, we have found that two components of the dynamical term make similar influence on the pseudospin symmetry. The same case also appears in the spin-orbit interactions. Further, we have checked the influences of every term on the pseudospin splitting and their correlations with the potential parameters for all the available pseudospin partners. The result shows that the spin-orbit interactions always play a role in favor of the pseudospin symmetry, and whether the pseudospin symmetry is improved or destroyed by the dynamical term relating the shape of the potential as well as the quantum numbers of the state. The cause why the pseudospin symmetry becomes better for the levels closer to the continuum is disclosed.
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