Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0079 (E. C. Aschenauer et al.)

The RHIC Spin Program: Achievements and Future Opportunities    [PDF]

E. C. Aschenauer, A. Bazilevsky, K. Boyle, K. O. Eyser, R. Fatemi, C. Gagliardi, M. Grosse-Perdekamp, John Lajoie, Zhongbo Kang, Yuri Kovchegov, John Koster, Itaru Nakagawa, Rodolfo Sassot, Ralf Seidl, Ernst Sichtermann, Marco Stratmann, Werner Vogelsang, Anselm Vossen, Scott W. Wissink, Feng Yuan
This document summarizes recent achievements of the RHIC spin program and their impact on our understanding of the nucleon's spin structure, i.e. the individual parton (quark and gluon) contributions to the helicity structure of the nucleon and to understand the origin of the transverse spin phenomena. Open questions are identified and a suite of future measurements with polarized beams at RHIC to address them is laid out. Machine and detector requirements and upgrades are briefly discussed.
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