Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1305.0624 (Somnath De)

Extent of sensitivity of single photon production to parton distribution

Somnath De

1305.0903 (Weihua Yan et al.)

Conditioning the gamma spectrometer for activity measurement at very
high background

Weihua Yan, Liguo Zhang, Zhao Zhang, Zhigang Xiao

1305.1094 (V. M. Datar et al.)

Electromagnetic transition from the 4$^+$ to 2$^+$ resonance in $^8$Be
measured via the radiative capture in $^4$He+$^4$He

V. M. Datar, D. R. Chakrabarty, Suresh Kumar, V. Nanal, S. Pastore, R. B. Wiringa, S. P. Behera, A. Chatterjee, D. Jenkins, C. J. Lister, E. T. Mirgule, A. Mitra, R. G. Pillay, K. Ramachandran, O. J. Roberts, P. C. Rout, A. Shrivastava, P. Sugathan

1305.1123 (E. E. Saperstein et al.)

Phonon coupling effects in magnetic moments of magic and semi-magic

E. E. Saperstein, O. Achakovskiy, S. Kamerdzhiev, S. Krewald, J. Speth, S. V. Tolokonnikov

1305.1140 (S. Das Gupta et al.)

Temperature of projectile like fragments in heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

S. Das Gupta, S. Mallik, G. Chaudhuri

1305.1213 (A. Simon et al.)

Systematic study of (p,γ) reactions on Ni isotopes    [PDF]

A. Simon, A. Spyrou, T. Rauscher, C. Fröhlich, S. J. Quinn, A. Battaglia, A. Best, B. Bucher, M. Couder, P. A. DeYoung, X. Fang, J. Görres, A. Kontos, Q. Li, L. -Y. Lin, A. Long, S. Lyons, A. Roberts, D. Robertson, K. Smith, M. K. Smith, E. Stech, B. Stefanek, W. P. Tan, X. D. Tang, M. Wiescher