Monday, October 15, 2012

1210.3392 (S. Masciocchi et al.)

Heavy-flavour production in ALICE at the LHC    [PDF]

S. Masciocchi, for the ALICE Collaboration

1210.3402 (F. J. Fattoyev et al.)

Constraining the High-Density Behavior of Nuclear Symmetry Energy with
the Tidal Polarizability of Neutron Stars

F. J. Fattoyev, J. Carvajal, W. G. Newton, Bao-An Li

1210.3497 (Hubert Ceeh et al.)

Performance of the new 2D ACAR spectrometer in Munich    [PDF]

Hubert Ceeh, Josef-Andreas Weber, Michael Leitner, Peter Böni, Christoph Hugenschmidt

1210.3577 (Daniel R. Phillips et al.)

Using EFT to analyze low-energy Compton scattering from protons and
light nuclei

Daniel R. Phillips, Judith A. McGovern, Harald W. Griesshammer

1210.3610 (Xilin Zhang et al.)

Can neutrino-induced photon production explain the low energy excess in

Xilin Zhang, Brian D. Serot

1210.3615 (ALICE Collaboration)

Pseudorapidity density of charged particles p-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN)
= 5.02 TeV

ALICE Collaboration