Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0507 (S. J. Ross et al.)

Charge-Focusing Readout of Time Projection Chambers    [PDF]

S. J. Ross, M. T. Hedges, I. Jaegle, M. D. Rosen, I. S. Seong, T. N. Thorpe, S. E. Vahsen, J. Yamaoka
Time projection chambers (TPCs) have found a wide range of applications in particle physics, nuclear physics, and homeland security. For TPCs with high-resolution readout, the readout electronics often dominate the price of the final detector. We have developed a novel method which could be used to build large-scale detectors while limiting the necessary readout area. By focusing the drift charge with static electric fields, we would allow a small area of electronics to be sensitive to particle detection for a much larger detector volume. The resulting cost reduction could be important in areas of research which demand large-scale detectors, including dark matter searches and detection of special nuclear material. We present simulations made using the software package Garfield of a focusing structure to be used with a prototype TPC with pixel readout. This design should enable significant focusing while retaining directional sensitivity to incoming particles. We also present first experimental results and compare them with simulation.
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