Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1210.7847 (Bj\orn S. Nilsen et al.)

Heavy-flavor production in LHC pp interactions using the ALICE detector    [PDF]

Bj\orn S. Nilsen, On behalf of the ALICE Collaboration

1210.7866 (Antonios Kontos et al.)

Proton Capture on ^{17}O and its astrophysical implications    [PDF]

Antonios Kontos, Joachim Görres, Andreas Best, Manoel Couder, Richard deBoer, Gianluca Imbriani, Qian Li, Daniel Robertson, Daniel Schürmann, Ed Stech, Ethan Uberseder, Michael Wiescher

1210.7907 (M. Ajaz et al.)

Searching for the properties of nuclear matter using proton-carbon and
deuteron-carbon collisions at 4.2 a gev/c

M. Ajaz, M. K. Suleymanov, K. H. Khan, A. Zaman

1210.8102 (Terence J. Tarnowsky et al.)

First Study of the Negative Binomial Distribution Applied to Higher
Moments of Net-charge and Net-proton Multiplicity Distributions

Terence J. Tarnowsky, Gary D. Westfall

1210.8112 (Alice Ohlson et al.)

Measurements of the Correlation between Reconstructed Jets and the
Reaction Plane in STAR at RHIC

Alice Ohlson, for the STAR Collaboration

1210.8126 (A. Andronic)

The study of quark-gluon matter in high-energy nucleus-nucleus

A. Andronic