Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1304.0547 (A. Mattera et al.)

Characterization of a Be(p,xn) neutron source for fission yields

A. Mattera, P. Andersson, A. Hjalmarsson, M. Lantz, S. Pomp, V. Rakopoulos, A. Solders, J. Valldor-Blücher, D. Gorelov, H. Penttilä, S. Rinta-Antila, A. V. Prokofiev, E. Passoth, R. Bedogni, A. Gentile, D. Bortot, A. Esposito, M. V. Introini, A. Pola
We report on measurements performed at The Svedberg Laboratory (TSL) to characterize a proton-neutron converter for independent fission yield studies at the IGISOL-JYFLTRAP facility (Jyv\"askyl\"a, Finland). A 30 MeV proton beam impinged on a 5 mm water-cooled Beryllium target. Two independent experimental techniques have been used to measure the neutron spectrum: a Time of Flight (TOF) system used to estimate the high-energy contribution, and a Bonner Sphere Spectrometer able to provide precise results from thermal energies up to 20 MeV. An overlap between the energy regions covered by the two systems will permit a cross-check of the results from the different techniques. In this paper, the measurement and analysis techniques will be presented together with some preliminary results.
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