Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4515 (N. M. Agababyan et al.)

Study of nuclear effects in the inclusive neutrinoproduction of the
δ^{++}(1232) isobar

N. M. Agababyan, N. Grigoryan, H. Gulkanyan, A. A. Ivanilov, V. A. Korotkov
For the first time, the inclusive neutrinoproduction of \Delta^{++}(1232) from nuclei is investigated. The total yield of $\Delta^{++}(1232) in neutrino-nuclear interaction is found to be \ < n\ >_{\nu A} = 0.080\pm0.011, being compatible with \ < n\ >_{\nu N} = 0.091\pm0.013 inferred for neutrino-nucleon interactions. It is shown that the \Delta^{++}(1232) inclusive spectra on variables x_F, z and the isobar total momentum for \nu A interactions are shifted toward lower values respective to those for \nu N interactions, that can be caused by secondary intranuclear collision processes. No idication on a significant nuclear absorption of \Delta^{++}(1232) leading to its disappearance is found.
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