Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4252 (S. Courtin et al.)

Electromagnetic Decay of Molecular States    [PDF]

S. Courtin, A. Goasduff, F. Haas
Electromagnetic transitions from deformed structures based on $\alpha$ configurations or on heavier clusters are discussed, drawing the link between multiparticle-multihole excited bands and cluster structures. Enhanced E2 and E1 transitions are reviewed in the light nuclei, $^8$Be, $^{10}$Be, $^{12}$C, $^{16}$O, $^{18}$O and heavier ones like $^{212}$Po. Connections between cluster structures and superdeformed configurations in $^{36}$Ar and $^{40}$Ca are discussed. What the cluster states based on heavier substructures like $^{12}$C and $^{16}$O are concerned, recent results on the resonant radiative capture reaction $^{12}$C($^{16}$O,$\gamma$)$^{28}$Si are presented, in particular the strong decay mode involving the feeding of low-lying $^{28}$Si 1$^+$ and 2$^+$ T=1 states by enhanced M1 isovector transitions.
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