Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4316 (Stepan G. Mashnik et al.)

MCNP6 Study of Fragmentation Products from 112Sn + 112Sn and 124Sn +
124Sn at 1 GeV/nucleon

Stepan G. Mashnik, Arnold J. Sierk
Isotope production cross sections from 112Sn + 112Sn and 124Sn + 124Sn reactions at 1 GeV/nucleon, which were measured recently at GSI using the heavy-ion accelerator SIS18 and the Fragment Separator (FRS), have been analyzed with the latest Los Alamos Monte-Carlo transport code MCNP6 using the LAQGSM03.03 event generator. MCNP6 reproduces reasonably well all the measured cross sections. Comparison of the MCNP6 results with the measured data and with calculations by a modification of the Los Alamos version of the Quark-Gluon String Model allowing for multifragmentation processes in the framework of the Statistical Multifragmentation Model (SMM) by Botvina and coauthors, as realized in the code LAQGSM03.S1, does not suggest unambiguous evidence of a multifragmentation signature.
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