Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4308 (Stepan G. Mashnik et al.)

MCNP6 Fission Cross Section Calculations at Intermediate and High

Stepan G. Mashnik, Arnold J. Sierk, Richard E. Prael
MCNP6 has been Validated and Verified (V&V) against intermediate- and high-energy fission cross-section experimental data. An error in the calculation of fission cross sections of 181Ta and a few nearby target nuclei by the CEM03.03 event generator in MCNP6 and a "bug: in the calculation of fission cross sections with the GENXS option of MCNP6 while using the LAQGSM03.03 event generator were detected during our V&V work. After fixing both problems, we find that MCNP6 using CEM03.03 and LAQGSM03.03 calculates fission cross sections in good agreement with available experimental data for reactions induced by nucleons, pions, and photons on both subactinide and actinide nuclei at incident energies from several tens of MeV to about 1 TeV.
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