Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0997 (A. Deltuva)

Faddeev-type calculation of three-body nuclear reactions including core

A. Deltuva
The core excitation, being an important reaction mechanism, so far is not properly included in most calculations of three-body nuclear reactions. We aim to include the excitation of the core nucleus using an exact Faddeev-type framework for nuclear reactions in the three-body (core + neutron + proton) system. We employ Alt, Grassberger, and Sandhas (AGS) integral equations for the three-particle transition operators and solve them in the momentum-space framework. The Coulomb interaction is included via the method of screening and renormalization. We calculate elastic, inelastic, and transfer reactions involving 10Be and 24Mg nuclear cores. Important effects of the core excitation are found, often improving the description of the experimental data. In the neutron transfer reactions the core excitation effect is by far not just a simple reduction of the cross section by the respective spectroscopic factor. This indicates that widely used extraction of the spectroscopic factors from the ratio of the experimental and theoretical transfer cross sections is unreliable approach.
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