Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0864 (N. Nouri et al.)

Comparison of magnetic field uniformities for discretized and
finite-sized standard $\cosθ$, solenoidal, and spherical coils

N. Nouri, B. Plaster
A significant challenge for experiments requiring a highly uniform magnetic field concerns the identification and design of a discretized and finite-sized magnetic field coil of minimal size. In this work we compare calculations of the magnetic field uniformities and field gradients for three different standard (i.e., non-optimized) types of coils: $\cos\theta$, solenoidal, and spherical coils. For an experiment with a particular requirement on either the field uniformity or the field gradient, we show that the volume required by a spherical coil form which satisfies these requirements can be significantly less than the volumes required by $\cos\theta$ and solenoidal coil forms.
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