Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0575 (Zhan-ying He et al.)

Experimental studies of THGEM in different Ar/CO2 mixtures    [PDF]

Zhan-ying He, Jian-rong Zhou, Zhi-jia Sun, Gui-an Yang, Hong Xu, Yan-feng Wang, Qian Liu, Hong-bang Liu, Shi Chen, Yi-gang Xie, Yang-heng Zheng, Xiao-dong Wang, Xiao-dong Zhang, Bi-tao Hu, Yuan-Bo Chen
In this paper, the performances of a type of the domestic THGEM (THick Gaseous Electron Multiplier) working in the Ar/CO2 mixtures are reported in details. This kind of single THGEM can provide the gain range from 100 to 1000, which is very suitable for the application in the neutron detection. In order to study its basic characteristics as the references for the development of THGEM based neutron detector, the counting rate plateau, the energy resolution and the gain of the THGEM have been measured in the different Ar/CO2 mixtures with the change of the electrical fields. For the Ar/CO2(90%/10%) gas mixture, a wide counting rate plateau is got from 720V to 770V with the plateau slope of 2.4% / 100 V and the excellent energy resolution about 22% is obtained at the 5.9keV full energy peak of the 55Fe X-ray source.
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