Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0451 (M. Röder et al.)

Final-State Interactions in the Process pp -> pKLambda    [PDF]

M. Röder, E. Borodina, H. Clement, E. Doroshkevich, R. Dzhygadlo, K. Ehrhardt, A. Erhardt, W. Eyrich, W. Gast, A. Gillitzer, D. Grzonka, J. Haidenbauer, C. Hanhart, F. Hauenstein, P. Klaja, L. Kober, K. Kilian, M. Krapp, M. Mertens, J. Ritman, E. Roderburg, W. Schroeder, T. Sefzick, A. Sibirtsev, P. Wintz, P. Wüstner
The possibility to determine the pLambda scattering length from the final-state interaction in the reaction pp->pKLambda is investigated experimentally. From a transversely polarized measurement, the K analyzing power (A_N) which, in principle, allows one to extract the spin triplet scattering length is studied. An unexpected energy dependence of the forward/backward symmetric part of A_N is found. The influence of N*-resonances on the pLambda invariant mass spectrum is investigated by exploiting the large acceptance for the process pp->pKLambda->pKppi and is found to be the main source of uncertainty for determining the pLambda scattering length.
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