Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0250 (M. Bonett-Matiz et al.)

Level densities of nickel isotopes: microscopic theory versus experiment    [PDF]

M. Bonett-Matiz, Abhishek Mukherjee, Y. Alhassid
We apply a spin-projection method to calculate microscopically the level densities of a family of nickel isotopes $^{59-64}$Ni using the shell model Monte Carlo approach in the complete $pfg_{9/2}$ shell. Accurate ground-state energies of the odd-mass nickel isotopes, required for the determination of excitation energies, are determined using the Green's function method recently introduced to circumvent the odd particle-number sign problem. Our results are in excellent agreement with recent measurements based on proton evaporation spectra and with level counting data at low excitation energies. We also compare our results with neutron resonance data, assuming equilibration of parity and a spin-cutoff model for the spin distribution at the neutron binding energy, and find good agreement with the exception of $^{63}$Ni.
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