Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1304.2648 (M. Lantz et al.)

Design of a High Intensity Neutron Source for Neutron-Induced Fission
Yield Studies

M. Lantz, D. Gorelov, A. Jokinen, V. S. Kolhinen, A. Mattera, H. Penttilä, S. Pomp, V. Rakopoulos, S. Rinta-Antila, A. Solders
The upgraded IGISOL facility with JYFLTRAP, at the accelerator laboratory of the University of Jyv\"askyl\"a, has been supplied with a new cyclotron which will provide protons of the order of 100 {\mu}A with up to 30 MeV energy, or deuterons with half the energy and intensity. This makes it an ideal place for measurements of neutron-induced fission products from various actinides, in view of proposed future nuclear fuel cycles. The groups at Uppsala University and University of Jyv\"askyl\"a are working on the design of a neutron converter that will be used as neutron source in fission yield studies. The design is based on simulations with Monte Carlo codes and a benchmark measurement that was recently performed at The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala. In order to obtain a competitive count rate the fission targets will be placed very close to the neutron converter. The goal is to have a flexible design that will enable the use of neutron fields with different energy distributions. In the present paper, some considerations for the design of the neutron converter will be discussed, together with different scenarios for which fission targets and neutron energies to focus on.
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