Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1304.2647 (M. Caamaño et al.)

Isotopic Yield Distributions of Transfer- and Fusion-Induced Fission
from 238U+12C Reactions in Inverse Kinematics

M. Caamaño, O. Delaune, F. Farget, X. Derkx, K. -H. Schmidt, L. Audouin, C. -O. Bacri, G. Barreau, J. Benlliure, E. Casarejos, A. Chbihi, B. Fernandez-Dominguez, L. Gaudefroy, C. Golabek, B. Jurado, A. Lemasson, A. Navin, M. Rejmund, T. Roger, A. Shrivastava, C. Schmitt
A novel method to access the complete identification in atomic number Z and mass A of fragments produced in low-energy fission of actinides is presented. This method, based on the use of multi- nucleon transfer and fusion reactions in inverse kinematics, is applied in this work to reactions between a 238U beam and a 12C target to produce and induce fission of moderately excited actinides. The fission fragments are detected and fully identified with the VAMOS spectrometer of GANIL, allowing the measurement of fragment yields of several hundreds of isotopes in a range between A ~ 80 and ~ 160, and from Z ~ 30 to ~ 64. For the first time, complete isotopic yield distributions of fragments from well-defined fissioning systems are available. Together with the precise measurement of the fragment emission angles and velocities, this technique gives further insight into the nuclear-fission process.
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