Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1304.2409 (Olga Lalakulich et al.)

Comparison of GiBUU calculations with MiniBooNE pion production data    [PDF]

Olga Lalakulich, Ulrich Mosel
Background. Neutrino-induced pion production can give important informationon the axial coupling to nucleon resonances. Furthermore, pion production represents a major background to quasielastic-like events. Single pion production data from the MiniBooNE in charged current neutrino scattering in mineral oil appeared higher than expected within conventional theoretical approaches. Purpose. We aim to investigate which model parameters affect the calculated cross section and how they do this. Method. The Giessen Boltzmann--Uehling--Uhlenbeck (GiBUU) model is used for an investigation of neutrino-nucleus reactions. Results. Presented are integrated and differential cross sections for 1\pi^+ and 1\pi^0 production before and after final state interactions in comparison with the MiniBooNE data. Conclusions. For the MiniBooNE flux all processes (QE, 1\pi-background, \Delta, higher resonance production, DIS) contribute to the observed final state with one pion of a given charge. The uncertainty in elementary pion production cross sections leads to a corresponding uncertainty in the nuclear cross sections. Final state interactions change the shape of the muon-related observables only slightly, but they significantly change the shape of pion distributions.
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