Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6411 (Norihito Muramatsu)

First Beam Observation and Near Future Plans at SPring-8 LEPS2

Norihito Muramatsu
The first photon beam was successfully produced by laser Compton backscattering at the LEPS2 beamline, which was newly constructed at SPring-8 for the purpose to increase the beam intensity one order of magnitude more than that of the LEPS experiments and to achieve the large acceptance coverage with high resolution detectors. The BGOegg electromagnetic calorimeter with associated detectors are being set up at the LEPS2 experimental building for the physics programs, including the searches for $\eta$'-bound nuclei and highly excited baryon resonances. In parallel to the BGOegg experiments, the LEPS2 charged particle spectrometer will be prepared inside the 1 Tesla solenoidal magnet, transported from the BNL-E949 experiment.
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