Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6370 (Giorgio Giacomelli)

Experiment Anti-Helium (Production of Nuclei and Anti-Nuclei. Limits for
"exotic" particles of long lifetime)

Giorgio Giacomelli
Data are recalled on the relative yields of charged pions,charged kaons,protons,antiprotons,tritiun nuclei, anti-tritium, He3 nuclei and anti-He3 antinuclei produced at 0 degrees by 200-240 GeV/c protons on Beryllium and Aluminium targets. A search for the production of long-lived particles with charges 2/3, 1, 4/3, is described; for negative particle production the upper limits obtained at the 95% Confidence Level were at the level of 10-11 with respect to the production of known particles.
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