Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1351 (F. Alessandria et al.)

The 4 K outer cryostat for the CUORE experiment: construction and
quality control

F. Alessandria, M. Biassoni, G. Ceruti, A. Chiarini, M. Clemenza, O. Cremonesi, V. Datskov, S. Dossena, M. Faverzani, E. Ferri, A. Nucciotti, M. Perego, E. Previtali, M. Sisti, L. Taffarello, F. Terranova
The external shell of the CUORE cryostat is a large cryogen-free system designed to host the dilution refrigerator and the bolometers of the CUORE experiment in a low radioactivity environment. The three vessels that form the outer shell were produced and delivered to the Gran Sasso underground Laboratories in July 2012. In this paper, we describe the production techniques and the validation tests done at the production site in 2012.
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