Friday, June 7, 2013

1306.1306 (Guo-Liang Ma)

Decomposition of jet fragmentation function in high-energy heavy-ion

Guo-Liang Ma
Based on a multi-phase transport model, the measured jet fragmentation function ratio of Pb+Pb collisions to p+p collisions in LHC experiments is decomposed into two parts, corresponding to the two contributions of jet hadronization from fragmentation and coalescence. The results suggest an existence of distinct competitions between two jet hadronization mechanisms for different $\xi$=ln(1/$z$) ranges in different centrality bins. The jet fragmentation functions for different types of hadrons (mesons and baryons) are proposed as a good probe to study the competition between fragmentation and coalescence for the jet hardonization in high-energy heavy-ion collisions.
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