Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5007 (Shu-Wen Tang et al.)

A normal-pressure MWPC for beam diagnostics at RIBLL2    [PDF]

Shu-Wen Tang, Peng Ma, Li-Min Duan, Zhi-Yu Sun, Chen-Gui Lu, He-Run Yang, Rong-Jiang Hu, Wen-Xue Huang, Hu-Shan Xu
A normal pressure MWPC for beam diagnostics at RIBLL2 has been developed, which has a sensitive area of 80 mm$\times$80 mm and consists of three-layer wire planes. The anode plane is designed with a wider frame to reduce the discharge and without using protection wires. The detector has been tested with a $^{55}$Fe X-ray source and a 200 MeV/u $^{12}$C beam from CSRm. A position resolution better than 250 $\upmu$m along the anode wires and a detection efficiency higher than 90% have been achieved.
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