Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5001 (Zhang Xueheng et al.)

A time-of-flight system for the external target facility    [PDF]

Zhang Xueheng, Yu Yuhong, Sun Zhiyu, Mao Ruishi, Wang Shitao, Zhou Yong, Yan Duo, Liu Longxiang
A time-of-flight system with a plastic scintillator coupled to photomultipliers is developed for the external target facility (ETF). This system can satisfy the requirement of an ultrahigh vacuum ($\sim 10^{-9}$ mbar), a high counting rate ($\sim 10^{6}$ particles per second) and a magnetic field environment. In the beam test experiment, a total time resolution of 580 ps FWHM was obtained for the whole system, and nuclei with a mass of up to 80 could be identified using this system.
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