Thursday, May 9, 2013

1305.1738 (D. T. Yordanov et al.)

Spins, Electromagnetic Moments, and Isomers of 107-129Cd    [PDF]

D. T. Yordanov, D. L. Balabanski, J. Bieroń, M. L. Bissell, K. Blaum, I. Budinčević, S. Fritzsche, N. Frömmgen, G. Georgiev, Ch. Geppert, M. Hammen, M. Kowalska, K. Kreim, A. Krieger, R. Neugart, W. Nörtershäuser, J. Papuga, S. Schmidt
The neutron-rich isotopes of cadmium up to the N=82 shell closure have been investigated by high-resolution laser spectroscopy. Deep-UV excitation at 214.5 nm and radioactive-beam bunching provided the required experimental sensitivity. Long-lived isomers are observed in 127Cd and 129Cd for the first time. One essential feature of the spherical shell model is unambiguously confirmed by a linear increase of the 11/2- quadrupole moments. Remarkably, this mechanism is found to act well beyond the h11/2 shell.
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