Thursday, May 9, 2013

1305.1736 (Q. S. Zhang et al.)

Global dynamical correlation energies in covariant density functional
theory: cranking approximation

Q. S. Zhang, Z. M. Niu, Z. P. Li, J. M. Yao, J. Meng
The global dynamical correlation energies for 575 even-even nuclei with proton numbers ranging from Z=8 to Z=108 calculated with the covariant density functional theory using the PC-PK1 parametrization are presented. The dynamical correlation energies include the rotational correction energies obtained with the cranking approximation and the quadrupole vibrational correction energies. The systematic behavior of the present correlation energies is in good agreement with that obtained from the projected generator coordinate method using the SLy4 Skyrme force although our values are systematically smaller. After including the dynamical correlation energies, the root-mean-square deviation predicted by the PC-PK1 for the 575 even-even nuclei masses is reduced from 2.58 MeV to 1.24 MeV.
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