Monday, May 6, 2013

1305.0677 (M. Thoennessen et al.)

Observation of a low-lying neutron-unbound state in 19C    [PDF]

M. Thoennessen, S. Mosby, N. S. Badger, T. Baumann, D. Bazin, M. Bennett, J. Brown, G. Christian, P. A. DeYoung, J. E. Finck, M. Gardner, E. A. Hook, B. Luther, D. A. Meyer, M. Mosby, W. F. Rogers, J. K. Smith, A. Spyrou, M. J. Strongman
Proton removal reactions from a secondary 22N beam were utilized to populate unbound states in neutron-rich carbon isotopes. Neutrons were measured with the Modular Neutron Array (MoNA) in coincidence with carbon fragments. A resonance with a decay energy of 76(14) keV was observed in the system 18C+n corresponding to a state in 19C at an excitation energy of 653(95)keV. This resonance could correspond to the first 5/2+ state which was recently speculated to be unbound in order to describe 1n and 2n removal cross section measurements from 20C.
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