Monday, May 6, 2013

1305.0675 (Liu Longxiang et al.)

The study of Borromean halo nuclei by the neutron wall with simulation    [PDF]

Liu Longxiang, Sun Zhiyu, Yue Ke, Xiao Guoqing, Chen Ximeng, Yu Yuhong, Zhang Xuehong, Wang Shitao, Tang Shuwen, Zhou Yong, Yan Duo, Fang Fang
The model of three-body Borromean halo nuclei breakup was described by using standard phase space distributions and the Monte Carlo simulation method was established to resolve the detection problem of two neutrons produced from breakup reaction on the neutron wall detector. For $^{6}$He case, overall resolution $\sigma_{E_{k}}$ for the Gaussian part of the detector response and the detection efficiency including solid angle acceptance with regard to the excitation energy $E_{k}$ are obtained by the simulation of two neutrons from $^{6}$He breakup into the neutron wall. The effects of the algorithm on the angular and energy correlations of the fragments are briefly discussed.
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