Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1303.2232 (W. Loveland et al.)

Targets for Precision Measurements    [PDF]

W. Loveland, L. Yao, David M. Asner, R. G. Baker, J. Bundgaard, E. Burgett, M. Cunningham, J. Deaven, D. L. Duke, U. Greife, S. Grimes, M. Heffer, T. Hill, D. Isenhower, J. L. Klay, V. Kleinrath, N. Kornilov, A. B. Laptev, T. N. Massey, R. Meharchand, H. Qu, J. Ruz, S. Sangiorgio, B. Selhan, L. Snyder, S. Stave, G. Tatishvili, R. T. Thornton, F. Tovesson, D. Towell, R. S. Towell, S. Watson, B. Wendt, L. Wood
The general properties needed in targets (sources) for high precision, high accuracy measurements are reviewed. The application of these principles to the problem of developing targets for the Fission TPC is described. Longer term issues, such as the availability of actinide materials, improved knowledge of energy losses and straggling and the stability of targets during irradiation are also discussed.
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