Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0119 (Krishichayan et al.)

Linear Polarization Measurements for High-Spin States in 146Gd    [PDF]

Krishichayan, Rajashri Bhattacherjee, S. K. Basu, R. K. Bhowmik, A. Chakraborty, L. Chaturvedi, A. Dhal, U. Garg, S. S. Ghugre, R. Goswami, A. Jhingan, N. Madhvan, P. V. Madhusudhana Rao, S. Mukhopadhyay, S. Muralithar, S. Nath, N. S. Pattabiraman, S. Ray, S. Saha, M. Saha Sarkar, S. Sarkar, R. Singh, R. P. Singh, A. K. Sinha, R. K. Sinha, P. Sugathan, B. K. Yogi
A {\gamma}-ray linear polarization measurement has been performed to directly determine the parities for the levels in 146Gd nucleus. High-spin states in this nucleus were populated in a reaction 115In + 34S at 140 MeV incident energy. Linearly polarized {\gamma} - rays emitted from oriented states were measured using a Compton polarimeter consisting of an array of 8 Compton-suppressed Clover detectors. Unambiguous assignments of the spin and parity have been made for most of the observed levels and changes made in the previously reported spin-parity assignments for a few levels. Shell model calculations performed with judicious truncation over the {\pi}(gdsh) valence space interpret the structure of only the low-lying levels up to J{\pi} = 19+ and 9-. N = 82 neutron-core breaking is found to be essential for high spin states with excitation energies Ex > 7 MeV.
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