Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4254 (M K Singh et al.)

Study of Target Dependence of Clan Model Parameter in 84^Kr_36 -
Emulsion Interactions at 1 GeV per nucleon

M K Singh, A K Soma, V Singh, R Pathak
The article focuses on study of clan model parameters and their target dependence in light of void probability scaling for heavy (Ag and Br) and light (C, N and O) groups of targets present in nuclear emulsion detector using 84 Kr 36 at around 1 A GeV. The variation of scaled rapidity gap (rap gap) probability with single moment combination has been studied. We found that experimental points are lying approximately on the negative binomial distribution (NBD) curve, indicating a scaling behavior. The average clan multiplicities for interactions, increases with the pseudo-rapidity interval was also observed. The values of average multiplicity for AgBr targets are larger than those for CNO target and also average number of particles per clan increases with increase in pseudo-rapidity interval. We further observed that for a particular target, average number of particles per clan increases with an increase in the size of projectile nucleus.
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