Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6846 (Z. Kohley et al.)

Sub-barrier fusion enhancement with radioactive 134Te    [PDF]

Z. Kohley, J. F. Liang, D. Shapira, C. J. Gross, R. L. Varner, J. M. Allmond, J. J. Kolata, P. E. Mueller, A. Roberts
The fusion cross sections of radioactive $^{134}$Te + $^{40}$Ca were measured at energies above and below the Coulomb barrier. The evaporation residues produced in the reaction were detected in a zero-degree ionization chamber providing high efficiency for inverse kinematics. Both coupled-channel calculations and comparison with similar Sn+Ca systems indicate an increased sub-barrier fusion probability that is correlated with the presence of positive Q-value neutron transfer channels. In comparison, the measured fusion excitation functions of $^{130}$Te + $^{58,64}$Ni, which have positive Q-value neutron transfer channels, were accurately reproduced by coupled-channel calculations including only inelastic excitations. The results demonstrate that the coupling of transfer channels can lead to enhanced sub-barrier fusion but this is not directly correlated with positive Q-value neutron transfer channels in all cases.
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