Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5955 (M. Guttormsen et al.)

Constant-temperature level densities in the quasi-continuum of Th and U

M. Guttormsen, B. Jurado, J. N. Wilson, M. Aiche, L. A. Bernstein, Q. Ducasse, F. Giacoppo, A. Goergen, F. Gunsing, T. W. Hagen, A. C. Larsen, M. Lebois, B. Leniau, T. Renstroem, S. J. Rose, S. Siem, T. Tornyi, G. M. Tveten, M. Wiedeking
Particle-gamma coincidences have been measured to obtain gamma-ray spectra as a function of excitation energy for 231-233Th and 237-239U. The level densities, which were extracted using the Oslo method, show a constant temperature behavior. The isotopes display very similar temperatures in the quasi-continuum, however, the even-odd isotopes reveal a constant entropy increase Delta S compared to their even-even neighbors. The entropy excess depends on available orbitals for the last unpaired valence neutron of the heated nuclear system. Also, experimental microcanonical temperature and heat capacity have been extracted. Several poles in the heat capacity curve support the idea that an almost continuous melting of Cooper pairs is responsible for the constant-temperature behavior.
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