Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.5183 (Johannes Siebenson et al.)

Interpretation of the Λ(1405) shift observed in pp collisions    [PDF]

Johannes Siebenson, Laura Fabbietti
In this work we investigate different possible explanations for the observed low mass {\Lambda}(1405) signal associated to the production of the {\Lambda}(1405) in p+p reactions at 3.5 GeV beam kinetic energy measured by the HADES collaboration. We study the influence of interference effects between the {\Lambda}(1405) resonance and the non-resonant background. Furthermore, we present a phenomenological method to use the HADES data for determining the relative contribution of the two {\Lambda}(1405) poles and discuss to which extent the data can constrain the position of these poles in the complex energy plane.
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