Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6716 (Avraham Gal et al.)

Neutron-rich hypernuclei: Lambda-6H and beyond    [PDF]

Avraham Gal, John Millener
Recent experimental evidence presented by the FINUDA Collaboration for a particle-stable Lambda-6H has stirred renewed interest in charting domains of particle-stable neutron-rich Lambda hypernuclei, particularly for unbound nuclear cores. We have studied within a shell-model approach several neutron-rich Lambda hypernuclei in the nuclear p shell that could be formed in (pi-,K+) or in (K-,pi+) reactions on stable nuclear targets. Hypernuclear shell-model input is taken from a theoretically inspired successful fit of gamma-ray transitions in p-shell Lambda hypernuclei which includes also Lambda-N <-> Sigma-N coupling (Lambda<->Sigma coupling). The particle stability of Lambda-6H is briefly discussed. Predictions are made for binding energies of Lambda-9He, Lambda-10Li, Lambda-12Be, Lambda-14B. None of the large effects conjectured by some authors to arise from Lambda<->Sigma coupling is borne out, neither by these realistic p-shell calculations, nor by quantitative estimates outlined for heavier hypernuclei with substantial neutron excess.
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