Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3799 (A. Astier et al.)

High-spin structures of 136Cs    [PDF]

A. Astier, M. -G. Porquet, G. Duchene, F. Azaiez, D. Curien, I. Deloncle, O. Dorvaux, B. J. P. Gall, M. Houry, R. Lucas, P. C. Srivastava, N. Redon, M. Rousseau, O. Stézowski, Ch. Theisen
Odd-odd 136Cs nuclei have been produced in the 18O + 208Pb and 12C + 238U fusion-fission reactions and their gamma rays studied with the Euroball array. The high-spin level scheme has been built up to ~ 4.7 MeV excitation energy and spin I ~ 16 hbar from the triple gamma-ray coincidence data. The configurations of the three structures observed above ~ 2 MeV excitation energy are first discussed by analogy with the proton excitations identified in the semi-magic 137Cs nucleus, which involve the three high-j orbits lying above the Z=50 gap, pi g_{7/2}, pi d_{5/2} and pi h_{11/2}. This is confirmed by the results of shell-model calculations performed in this work.
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