Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1304.8121 (R. T. deSouza et al.)

Confronting measured near and sub-barrier fusion cross-sections for
20O+12C with a microscopic method

R. T. deSouza, S. Hudan, V. E. Oberacker, A. S. Umar
Recently measured fusion cross-sections for the neutron-rich system 20O+12C are compared to dynamic, microscopic calculations using time-dependent density functional theory. The calculations are carried out on a three-dimensional lattice and performed both with and without a constraint on the density. The method has no adjustable parameters, and its only input is the Skyrme effective NN interaction. While the microscopic DC-TDHF calculations lie closer to the experimental data than standard fusion systematics they underpredict the experimental data significantly.
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