Monday, April 22, 2013

1304.5398 (Yu. M. Arkatov et al.)

Differential cross sections $^4$He({$γ$,p})$^3$H and
$^4$He({$γ$,n})$^3$He reactions in the range of the photon energies up
to the threshold of the meson production

Yu. M. Arkatov, P. I. Vatset, V. I. Voloshchuk, V. A. Zolenko, A. F. Khodyachikh, I. M. Prokhorets, V. L. Marchenko, E. A. Vinokurov, Yu. P. Lyakhno, S. I. Nagorny, Yu. A. Kasatkin, I. K. Kirichenko, A. A. Zayats, V. N. Gur'ev
Differential cross sections two-body ($\gamma,p$) and ($\gamma,n$) reactions of the $^4$He nucleus disintegration were measured using the bremsstrahlung beam of photons at the KIPT linac LEA-300 at the maximum energy ${\rm E}_{\gamma}^{max}$ = 150 MeV. The reaction products were detected in a diffusion chamber placed in the magnetic field. The differential cross sections were measured with a 1 MeV step up to a photon energy of 45 MeV, and with a greater step at higher energies. The step in the measurements of the polar angle of nucleon emission was ${10}^{\circ}$ in the c.m.s.
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