Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4999 (Kei Moriya et al.)

A measurement of the energy and timing resolution of GlueX Forward
Calorimeter using an electron beam

Kei Moriya, John P. Leckey, Matthew R. Shepherd, Kevin Bauer, Daniel Bennett, John Frye, Juan Gonzalez, Scott J. Henderson, David Lawrence, Ryan Mitchell, Elton S. Smith, Paul Smith, Alexander Somov, Hovanes Egiyan
The performance of the GlueX Forward Calorimeter was studied using a small version of the detector and a variable energy electron beam derived from the Hall B tagger at Jefferson Lab. For electron energies from 110 MeV to 260 MeV, which are near the lower-limits of the design sensitivity, the fractional energy resolution was measured to range from 20% to 14%, which meets the design goals. The use of custom 250 MHz flash ADCs for readout allowed precise measurements of signal arrival times. The detector achieved timing resolutions of 0.38 ns for a single 100 mV pulse, which will allow timing discrimination of photon beam bunches and out-of-time background during the operation of the GlueX detector.
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