Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1304.4581 (Nikita Khanbekov et al.)

Improved data analysis of the internal background measurements of
40Ca100MoO4 scintillation crystals

Nikita Khanbekov, Vladimir Alenkov, Aleksander Burenkov, Oleg Buzanov, HongJoo Kim, Vasily Kornoukhov, JungHo So
The sensitivity of neutrinoless double beta (0n2b) decay experiments is mainly depended on the internal background of a detector which, in its turn, is defined by the purity of material and possibility for selection of background events. The AMoRE (Advanced Mo based Rare process Experiment) collaboration plans to use 40Ca100MoO4 scintillation crystals as a detector for search of 0n2b decay of 100Mo isotope. A purpose of this paper is further investigation of internal background of 40Ca100MoO4 scintillation elements with a low background setup at YangYang underground laboratory. We present new approaches for selection of background events from analyzing data and latest results of measurements of intrinsic background of 40Ca100MoO4 crystals as an example of new technique application.
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