Friday, April 12, 2013

1304.3209 (Serkan Akkoyun et al.)

Improvement studies on neutron-gamma separation in HPGe detectors by
using neural networks

Serkan Akkoyun, Tuncay Bayram, S. Okan Kara
The neutrons emitted in heavy-ion fusion-evaporation (HIFE) reactions together with the gamma-rays cause unwanted backgrounds in gamma-ray spectra. Especially in the nuclear reactions, where relativistic ion beams (RIBs) are used, these neutrons are serious problem. They have to be rejected in order to obtain clearer gamma-ray peaks. In this study, the radiation energy and three criteria which were previously determined for separation between neutron and gamma-rays in the HPGe detectors have been used in artificial neural network (ANN) for improving of the decomposition power. According to the preliminary results obtained from ANN method, the ratio of neutron rejection has been improved by a factor of 1.27 and the ratio of the lost in gamma-rays has been decreased by a factor of 0.50.
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