Friday, March 22, 2013

1303.5280 (Adam Olszewski et al.)

Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in relativistic heavy-ion
collisions in a superposition approach

Adam Olszewski, Wojciech Broniowski
We analyze the multiplicity correlations between distant forward and backward rapidity regions in relativistic heavy-ion collisions in a superposition framework, where the particle production occurs through independent emission from correlated sources. This allows for inferring information on the long-range forward-backward correlations of the sources in the earliest phase of the collision, based on the experimental information on the statistical features of the observed particle distributions. Our three-stage study incorporates the fluctuations of parton production in the early phase, the effect of intermediate hydrodynamic evolution, as well as fluctuations in the production of particles at freeze-out. We investigate the dependence of the results on the features of the overlaid distributions and hydrodynamics, as well as the centrality dependence. We confirm the previous conclusions of the substantial forward-backward event-by-event fluctuation of sources implied by the data from the STAR Collaboration. Predictions based of the Glauber model of the initial phase for the forward-backward multiplicity correlations in Pb+Pb collisions at the LHC are made.
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