Thursday, March 7, 2013

1303.1330 (P. Mohr et al.)

Examination and experimental constraints of the stellar reaction rate
factor $N_A < σv >$ of the $^{18}$Ne($α$,$p$)$^{21}$Na reaction at
temperatures of X-Ray Bursts

P. Mohr, A. Matic
The $^{18}$Ne($\alpha$,$p$)$^{21}$Na reaction is one key for the break-out from the hot CNO-cycles to the $rp$-process. Recent papers have provided reaction rate factors $N_A < \sigma v >$ which are discrepant by at least one order of magnitude. The compatibility of the latest experimental results is tested, and a partial explanation for the discrepant $N_A<\sigma v>$ is given. A new rate factor is derived from the combined analysis of all available data. The new rate factor is located slightly below the higher rate factor by Matic {\it et al.}\ at low temperatures and significantly below at higher temperatures whereas it is about a factor of five higher than the lower rate factor recently published by Salter {\it et al.}
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