Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1303.1164 (E. Olsen et al.)

The landscape of two-proton radioactivity    [PDF]

E. Olsen, M. Pfützner, N. Birge, M. Brown, W. Nazarewicz, A. Perhac
Ground-state two-proton (2p) radioactivity is a decay mode found in isotopes of elements with even atomic numbers located beyond the two-proton drip line. So far, this exotic process has been experimentally observed in a few light and medium-mass nuclides with Z less than or equal to 30. In this study, using state-of-the-art nuclear density functional theory, we globally analyze 2p radioactivity and for the first time identify 2p decay candidates in elements heavier than strontium. We predict a few cases where the competition between 2p emission and alpha decay may be observed. In nuclei above lead, the alpha decay mode is found to be dominating and no measurable candidates for the 2p radioactivity are expected.
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