Thursday, February 28, 2013

1302.6639 (Justin R. Stevens et al.)

The STAR W Program at RHIC    [PDF]

Justin R. Stevens, for the STAR Collaboration
The production of $W$ bosons in polarized $p+p$ collisions at RHIC provides an excellent tool to probe the proton's sea quark distributions. At leading order $W^{-(+)}$ bosons are produced in $\bar{u}+d\,(\bar{d}+u)$ collisions, and parity-violating single-spin asymmetries measured in longitudinally polarized $p+p$ collisions give access to the flavor-separated light quark and antiquark helicity distributions. In this proceedings we report preliminary results for the single-spin asymmetry, $A_L$ from data collected in 2012 by the STAR experiment at RHIC with an integrated luminosity of 72 pb$^{-1}$ at $\sqrt{s}=510$ GeV and an average beam polarization of 56%.
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